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Servo Voltage Stabilizer By : Servoking Systems , New Delhi
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voltage stabilizer



Why you need a Servo Voltage Stabilizer?

It is seen that Inspite of best efforts by various Electricity Boards/Supply undertakings the voltage at consumers’s end is never constant. The reason being diverse loading duties arising in transmission and distribution network. During the day time when the load requirement is more the voltage remain quite low and during high it goes up than the normal.

As a result of these never ending voltage fluctuation there is frequent Tripping/Breakdown of the system/machines and precious equipment’s resulting in to low production.

Our Servo Voltage Stabilizer can overcome and control these voltage fluctuation & can provide you with the desired constant output voltages. Our every Servo Voltage Stabilizer rolled out of the factory undergoes strict and rigid inspection and testing.

ur Servo Voltage Stabilizer are duly tested & approved by Govt. Lab Electronic Test & Development Center(ETDC) & are manufactured As per ISO standards. 

Our Servo Voltage Stabilizer are available in a vast choice of Input and Output Voltage range suitable for various applications in industries, institutions and residence etc. having indigenous, imported sophisticated machines/instrument/gadgets etc.

How does this Servo Voltage Stabilizer Operate?

Servo Voltage Stabilizer essentially employs a Solid-state circuit. Which controls the Servo Motors. The motor is mechanically coupled to the arm of a continously Variable Auto Transformer (Variac) that feed to the primary of a series control Buck-Boost transformer. The Stabilizer output voltage is compared with the reference voltage and thye resultant error signal controlthe Servo Motor providing true proportional control system rather than On/Off circuits.

Types of Servo Voltage  Stabilizer:
  • UNBALANCED TYPE: Widely accepted design to suit various conditions. All the phase/s are independently sensed & corrected. Suitable for both balanced/unbalanced loading & incoming voltage
  • BALANCED TYPE: One phase (master) sensed & all the 3 corrected in accordance to the master phase. Suitable for balanced loading & balanced incoming voltage only (not suitable for unbalanced loading/unbalanced input voltage)
Fields of application:

Servo Voltage Stabilizer are virtually required at all such places where contolled and constant voltage is one of the most important ingredients. Like Hospitals, Laboratories, various life saving & testing equipments, pharmaceuticals, Research Institutes, Defense, Telecommunication, Air Conditioning, Data Processing, Electronic based Industrial, Educational Institute, Food processing unit, Paper plants, Footwear and Leather industries, Cement Plants, Textile Industries, Moulding units, Hotels, Farm house, Offices and residences/housing apartment etc.

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