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Automatic Composter By : Nachiket Engineering Pvt. ltd. , Pune
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organic waste converter


We have a vast experience from our many installations and can make sure that the whole chain, from food waste to compost, works as smoothly and simple as possible.

Compost and composting

Composting is an aerobic process (Oxygen needs to be present) by bacteria and other micro-organisms that breaks down any type of organic waste into soil. To work properly, the right quantities and proportions of Nitrogen, Carbon and Oxygen need to be provided, and as a result you obtain a rich, safe and fully mature compost that can be used without any further mix for potting, agriculture and gardening.

The most important change triggered by composting is the transformation of Nitrogen into different molecules, in order:

  • Ammonium (NH4+)
  • Nitrites (NO2-)
  • and finally, Nitrates (NO3-) which are absorbed by plants and animals.

Mature compost is chemically stable and is recognized as an exceptional soil fertilizer and conditioner of great use for improving soil water retention and prevents desertification.

What isn't composting?

Dehydrating the waste (ie. drying the waste using heat), rotting by anaerobic bacteria (No need of oxygen to be present) or any other process that doesn’t produce a chemically stable and ready to use compost.

Many systems claim to prepare compost, but mainly just remove the water in the waste without properly breaking down the Nitrogen molecules in it. These systems are very energy hungry as they need to heat the waste for evaporating the water in it, and obtain as a result a product rich in Ammonium (NH4+), a compound involved in water pollution, acid rain and smog. This so called "compost" invariably requires further processing before being safe for agricultural use or disposal.

Before choosing a technology for treating your organic waste get all the facts straight and request an analysis report on the end product obtained that you can compare to your local Compost Quality Standards.

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